Let’s catch up from the past couple of days to see what transpired with my dividend capturing strategy and how it worked today.

Let’s get right into it:

Yesterday, I failed to give you the latest buys from Monday’s action. I bought two companies:

1) AXAHY (AXA Paris)

2) ING (ING Groep)

Today, I looked to sell both of these stocks at or near break-even of the stock price because I was looking at nearly $600 of dividend income on about a $15,000, one day investment. Both stocks struggled and it was apparent from the start that neither were going to recover and so I sold both below where I was hoping for.

Here’s the breakdown for selling:

1) AXAHY – Purchase @ $28.04, sold @ $26.80, dividend income of $358.15 for a profit of $41.95

2) ING – Purchase @ $17.10, sold @ $16.60, dividend income of $205.21 for a loss of -$11.29

All-in-all, only about a $30 profit today but when I combine it with the past two days, I have a profit of $332.98. This is a 3-day average of $110.99.

Also today, I purchased only stock (because that’s all that qualified for my rules for purchase). This stock is AHGP (Alliance Holdings Gp). This has an expected dividend income of $141.35. The stock had a hard time staying near the buy price as it closed down a bit today @ $29.29.

Tomorrow, I have 3 stocks to buy – SNY, SXCP and WLKP. These should generate $601.88 of dividend income.

Note: I’ve had questions asking if I included commissions in these numbers. I have not because the amount of commission I pay is probably different than what you would. So, please take that into account.

Later this week, I’m going to discuss the 21 rules I use for screening for these stocks.

Until tomorrow,

Happy trading!

Dan Gaskell