Month: June 2017

Rich or Poor?…Choose your path

There are lots of books, courses, online sources and gurus that are out there to help you get rich. Sure, much of the advice is good but there’s some basic things that must be followed in order to achieve wealth. If you look at the habits of the rich, there are certain things that most do. I hate seeing all the bad statistics out there about Americans and wealth knowing that there are things that everyone can do to get on the path to being financially sound. The bad statistics I see are: 26% of Americans have ZERO savings....

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Introducing The Ground Up Dividends Portfolio

Even though I have been building this portfolio for 18 months, I haven’t publicly released the results until now. I’m opening the website, to help you, the novice or even experienced stock dividend investor build your portfolio. I’m not about to present myself as the great know-it-all as I am learning, too. But, I have had good results with what I have done in the past year and a half and I want to pass it along to you, too. The Ground Up Dividends (GUD) portfolio consists of 29 stocks, 26 of which are dividend payers, 3 are...

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My Dividend Capturing Strategy – Complete Wrap-Up And Final Thoughts

Well, my one month strategy experiment is complete. About 30 days ago, I embarked on a dividend capture strategy that I didn’t know if it would work or not. I’ve read various accounts of those that talk about what it is, how it works and how you can either “make a ton” or “lose your shirt”, but I really didn’t find anyone that had actually done it. So, I decided to give it a go. I decided to trade it in real time in a real account, crossed my fingers and dove in! Actually, I had done some research...

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An Easy Way To Rank The Dividend Aristocrats

Ben, over at SureDividend, publishes a spreadsheet that gives vital statistics for the current 51 dividend aristocrats. He does a great job laying out all the information to help you make a good decision on purchasing the right dividend-paying stocks for your portfolio. As a way to further screen the aristocrats, I’ve taken it one step further and ranked each company based on the criteria Ben laid out. I assigned a point value (equally weighted) for each category. Those categories are: Dividend Yield % 5 Year Beta Payout Ratio Dividend Growth Rate Total Return Forward P/E Ratio 10 Year...

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Dividend Capturing Strategy – Day 21 6/6/17 (Final Day)

Well, today is the last day of this dividend capture strategy experiment. Hopefully, you’ve learned as much as I have about this and can apply it to your trading. I now know this is a viable strategy, if played correctly, and one that money can be made. All I did was sell stocks and here’s what happened today: 1) Sold GHL (Greenhill & Co) @ $21.10. I actually realized a stock gain of +$107.10 and a dividend captured of +$160.65 for a total profit of $267.75. GHL is easily my best single stock performance as it’s the only stock...

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